Feb 21, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I'd save if my house were on fire.

Top Ten Tuesday banner by The Broke and the Bookish
Top Ten Tuesday is a weakly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  They love lists as much as I do, so it's only fair to tip my hat.
So I'm totally going to cop out on this week's list.  Why?  Because I haven't bought a physical book in years.  I still read them all the time, but from the library.  I only buy new for my Kindle.  I've never cared much about getting things signed or special editions, and I'm sure if I did, those would be the books I'd save.  But since I don't, there's only two 'books' I'd grab:

1) My Kindle.

2) My copy of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.  It has a notation written to me by my mother (in which she compares me to Jo) in it which means the world to me.

Book cover of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Yeah, I know, I'm lame this week.  Hopefully you all did better though, I'd love to hear what books you would save if your home were on fire!  Let me know. =) 


  1. Wow that fact that you have only 2 books that you would grab is impressive. My library is so huge with lots of signed books I really had a hard time with this one.


  2. This one was hard for me too. I feel like Stan would have to pry my fingers from my bookcase while pulling me out the door to be honest. It's nice that you have a book from your mother, very precious to you I'm sure.

    1. I think the other reason I was so lame is I have like NO books in our apartment, they're all still in Wyoming (on my gorgeous bookcase my father made me, which would itself have to be grabbed in case of fire). Most of what we have here Chris's graphic novel collection, which is pretty amazing.


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