Feb 14, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Heart Breakers!

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weakly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  They love lists as much as I do, so it's only fair to tip my hat.

It's an anti-Valentine's Day celebration!  Personally, my opinion of Valentine's Day has always wrung out with a resounding 'meh'.  Which is convenient being as it's my boyfriend's birthday, which means it totally takes the back seat in importance.  So even though I have the best bf in the world who always acknowledges it anyway, I'm thrilled to participate in the anti-Valentine's Day Top Ten Tuesday challenge with the Top Ten Books that Broke My Heart.  Sing it Pat!

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling: Not only was this the end to my favorite series, some of my favorite characters didn't survive.  I was in TEARS for large portions of this book.
2) Bridge to Terebithia - Katherine Paterson: If I need to explain this one, you need to read it.
3) If I Stay - Gayle Forman: Tragic car accident and the decision to live or let go?  ROUGH.
4) Where the Red Fern Grows - Wilson Rawls: So in one of my grad courses we had to read Because of Win Dixie.  When it was assigned, all of us ask the prof, "Does the dog die?" ,before we'll pick it up.  Why?  Because we read books like Where the Red Fern Grows growing up.
5) Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor: Mum's the word 'cause this one's too recent for spoilers!
6) Love You Forever - Robert Munsch: I'll push this book into the hands of any new mother, and believe me, they will CRY and LOVE IT before it's through.  The fact that a picture book can illicit so much emotion from myself and others is complete win.
7) Arrow's Fall - Mercedes Lackey: One of my all-time favorite series, if you've read it you know why it's here.
8) Little Women - Louisa May Alcott: I STILL cry every time Beth dies.  And when Laurie's heart gets trampled, and for Jo who does the trampling even though it's the right thing to do.
9) The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger: This book is beautiful but heartbreaking with a couple that keep meeting at different points in their lives.
10) Charlotte's Web - E.B. White: Who didn't grow up with this and cry, and go back for more?

Lack of details this week due to spoilers.  What books broke your heart?


  1. I totallu agree on Bridge to Terabithia and Daughter of Smoke and Bone!

    Drop by my Top 10?

  2. YES! The Time Traveller's Wife! I bawled like a baby. It wasn't just the ending either. I cried at all the miscarriages she had. I cried at all the times she missed him and he wasn't there. Sad, but oh such a good book!

    1. YES! Omg so much heartbreak, and not just about romance. I love when an 'unrealistic' dynamic like time-travel can make you feel so many realistic feelings.

  3. Time Traveler's Wife almost made my list. I'd forgotten about Charlotte's Web though, Great choices. :)
    My Tuesday Memes post

  4. I forgot about Charlotte's Web! One of my favorite things about these lists is being reminded of books that I haven't read in forever. I've heard so many great things about If I Stay/Where She Went. Can't wait to read them.

    My Top Ten

  5. I LOVE PAT BENATAR!! Harry Potter made me bawl my eyes out, as did Daughter of Smoke and Bone (as you know). Not only did this two make my list but so did Little Women, The Time Traveler's Wife and Charlotte's Web!! Yay book twinny!!

  6. 2 and 4 were on my list, and 8 and 10 should have been!

  7. The only one of these i havent read is Arrows Fall, and I've never even heard of it.
    I love that you used Love You Forever, thats on my list (as well as 1-3). I was going to put Where the Red Fern Grows but decided against it. It would have been my #11.

  8. I haven't read Bridge to Terabithia, but I did watch and it was so so sad!
    HP7 was definitely a tearjerker. Most everyone who died were my favorites :P

    1. I KNOW! OMG I turned into a puddle on the floor over Hedwig, I was TERRIBLE by the end. My hardcover of this has pages that are crinkly from tear stains.

  9. Ugh, I need to finish The Time Traveler's Wife. I read about 1/3 of it and gave up...not because it was bad, but because I got distracted. I want to know how it ends. And let's not even talk about Harry Potter or I'll start crying -- that one was definitely on my list! And If I Stay would have been a runner up (I know I cried in that book...and my students tell me they cry, too).

  10. I am so glad I am not the only person in the entire world who felt that Jo and Laurie not being together is acceptable. I know so many people who were pissed that she ended up with the professor.

    AND GOODNESS BRIDGE TO TEREBITHIA! I remember being quite young and sobbing my eyes out at that book.

    1. OMG THANK YOU! I actually just wrote a discussion post about relationship dynamics and how I always feel in the minority, and Jo/Laurie was one of them.

      Besides, if Jo hadn't married Mr. Behr, their son wouldn't be named Teddy Behr. Teehee.


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