Mar 18, 2012

In My Mailbox (10)

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi over at The Story Siren in which you share the books you added to your collection in the past week.
In My Mailbox (10) Bunbury in the Stacks
Hi friends!  So this week you get a rare real picture from me as I got LOTS of physical stuff.  This is pretty unusual for me as the bulk of my reading is done digitally these days.  Here's what I got, clicky for GoodReads:

From the library:
Dark and Stormy Knights - Edited by P.N. Elrod: I picked this up because it contains Ilona Andrews's short Kate Daniels story, A Questionable Client.  I've already read it, and don't really plan to read the rest of the stories in the collection.  If you've read any of them that I shouldn't skip, let me know!
How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf - Molly Harper: So I've never done paranormal romance for adults, but Molly Harper was highly recommended by Melissa Marr, and I read what that woman recommends like it's my job.  Molly Harper's more famous Nice Girls series is about a children's librarian who's a vampire, and while that's hard to resist, I'm much more of a werewolf kinda girl.  Plus I think the cover's adorable and it looks like she either has a bra made of hair or a hairy chest...
Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones: This is one of those books I've always wanted to read, but just hadn't bothered to yet.  Well, now's the time!  I love this paperback cover.  Totally cute and fun, and reminds me of a non-scary Baba Yaga's house.
Scarlet - A.C. Gaughen: Ahhhh!!!  I cannot describe to you my reaction when I saw this one FINALLY came in for me.  This was one of my most anticipated reads on 2012, and I cannot wait to read it.  If only I didn't have obligations like book club books to get through before next weekend.  Ugh!

From Erica (The Book Cellar):
Sooo...I was lucky enough to win the January prize pack for Erica's MG/YA Fantasy challenge!  I finally got the package this week (not complaining at all, poor Erica just forgot to take prize books with her back to school after Christmas), and it's full of goodies!  I got...
Everlasting - Angie Frazier:  I honestly don't know much about this book other than that I adore the cover and it makes me think of Tuck Everlasting, which is enough reason to read anything if you ask me.
Cinder (ARC) - Marissa Meyer: I've already read (and loved) Cinder, but I borrowed my finished copy from the library, so it'll be nice to have this around for a re-read before Scarlet next year! 
Swag: A chapter sampler for The Wood Queen by Karen Mahoney.  A completely awesome Witch Eyes bookmark signed by Scott Tracy, bookmarks for Forgive My Fins, Breath of Angel, Sirenz, The Iron Queen (my favorite after Witch Eyes), and Sweet Venom/a Sweet Venom sticker.  I've never really been good at using actual bookmarks (I used to use gum wrappers, now I use library receipts), let's see if that changes.

For review from NetGalley:
Of course I did get some digital titles this week, here's what...
Railsea - China Mieville: You guys!  I am so excited for this book, and I don't know why everyone else doesn't seem to be.  China Mieville is one of the biggest names in sci fi/fantasy in the past few years with books like The City and The City and Kraken.  He's been on my TBR forever (well, I did read The Tain in college), but now that he's coming out with a book 'for all ages' (aka it's YA but they don't want to say 'YA') I just have to pick it up!  Railsea is a futuristic retelling of Moby Dick, where I'm pretty sure they go around on railways that are everywhere and hunt a giant white mole.  Sounds awesome to me.
Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan: This is one I expect to see on a lot of IMM lists this week.  Who isn't excited to read Sarah Rees Brennan's new series, especially with the gorgeous modern Gothic cover?
Seraphina - Rachel Hartman: So I honestly wasn't going to pick this one up (despite the amazing wood carving cover), but then my buddy Alyssa read it and raved about it to me, so I knew I had to check it out.

Thank you Del Ray and Random House!

So that's my haul this week...surprising considering as of Wednesday I was thinking of not doing an IMM post because I'd only received one book!  Please ignore my carpet that needs vacuuming.  Also fair warning, this week will be one of those weeks where I gush about books I loved like Grave Mercy, There Is No Dog, and The King of Attolia.  I swear I'm not becoming one of those reviewers that has only good things to say about every book, that's just how the dice fell this time!  Please stop by, and let me know what you got in your mailbox this week.


  1. Scarlet? Yay! And I can't wait to hear what you thought of Grave Mercy and KoA.

    Thanks for the Unspoken mention! *runs to Netgalley* I better get cracking on the backlog of NG titles. There's been so many good one's lately!

  2. Yo! These are some awesome books! Scarlet was really good; can't wait for you to read that one. And I have Seraphina from NetGalley, too, and I have heard REALLY good things about it from people who have read it already. I just saw someone with an actual ARC of it and it's waaaaay longer than I thought. But that just makes me excited!!
    Howl's Moving Castle is also on my TBR. In fact, it's sitting on top of one of my piles right now, same cover and everything. Can't wait to read it!
    So many great books!! :-)

  3. I can't wait to read Cinder! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week. Here's my IMM!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  4. Oooh, your mailbox today looks great! You have TONS of books. I haven't read any of those but Howl's Moving Castle, but on the bright side, that I absolutely LOVE; I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did, and I'd read her other books in the same universe if I didn't want to, y'know, be let down. I don't know, Howl's Moving Castle is just... something I want to hold on to forever or something. It's obvious I love it, right?

    Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of your books! I've seen Cinder around, and heard of Sarah Rees Brennan, so I hope they'll be good. Enjoy your reads, and I can't wait to see your review of Grave Mercy!

    - Käthe @ Good Lit and Green Tea

  5. Hello there Heidi, I also have Howl's Moving Castle - I think Diana Wynne Jones is such a prolific author. My eyes were also particularly drawn to the bookmarks - I need MORE bookmarks - I often lose the ones that I have and since I read more than one book at a time, I need quite a number of them - my books are sadly earmarked now. :( Enjoy your new reads!

    Here’s mine over at GatheringBooks:

  6. Cinder was awesome, and I am very envious you got Scarlet AND Unspoken too, lucky you:)) I have Howl's Moving Castle sitting on my bookshelf unread, which makes NO sense because I hear it is a stellar book. Must remedy that soon. Very cool books for you all this week!

    My IMM

  7. Scarlett sounds really interesting... will have to pick that one up! Enjoy

    Here is my IMM

    Happy Reading!
    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages
    Blogoversary Giveaway

  8. Great set! I really want to read Scarlet. I loved Cinder. Enjoy!
    My IMM

  9. So I've been wanting to read Scarlet for a while, and I came here to comment on that, but then I saw your netgalley list and now I'm really drooling over Seraphina. Sold! I am going to netgalley now!

  10. I've always adored the cover of Everlasting. I pull it off the shelf at the library almost every time I'm scanning :P

  11. I just recently bought Howl's Moving Castle and I'll be reading it in a couple of weeks, during Spring Break when I don't feel like I have to rush through it. It's a book I've always wanted to try and that desire just kind of expanded once I watched the movie :D

    Scarlet - I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS. One of my all-time favorites of this year. Absolutely, 100% adored it. A fabulous Robin Hood retelling, a rag-tag group of phenomenal characters... GOSH. i just can't stop blabbing about this one. I've been book bullying everyone into reading it.

    I was a little worried when you said you hadn't read Cinder since it's so amazing. I loved the way Meyer blended the genre elements she decided to throw in. So awesome! Glad you enjoyed it! And congrats on the winnings!

    Have an amazing reading week!


  12. I might want to steal all of these books!! I am SO excited for you to read Seraphina, my review will be up Thursday and I will do my best to stay away from spoilers!! I am also waiting for Scarlet, little jealous you got your hands on it!

  13. Great Mailbox! I loved Cinder, I can't wait for Scarlet to come out next year


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